Saudi’s Secret Uprising

Article from 2014 about the Saudi popular opposition movements, including Shiekh Nimr Nimr, who denounced both Al Saoud, Al Khalifa and Al Assad.

Syria Freedom Forever - سوريا الحرية للأبد

It is the duty of all revolutionaries in Syria and elsewhere to be in solidarity with the people in Saudi Arabia struggling against the reactionary and authoritarian dictatorship of the Saoud. Just like in Syria and Egypt the protesters demanding Freedom and Dignity are accused of being terrorists by their regimes. Our struggle is their struggle, our destiny are links. The road to freedom and dignity is linked to the liberation of all the people of the region, and this includes of course the liberation of the Palestinian people from Israel Apartheid’s State.

The attempts by ruling dictatorships and reactionary and opportunists sectarian groups will not be successful to divide people according to their sect, ethnicity or gender. We should fight against these policies and groups promoting these policies and feelings. People in struggle are one. 

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